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Founded in 2003, Cultural Chameleons is a non-governmental organization whose primary mission includes improving the dialogue between different cultures through art, and the promotion of multicultural awareness, youth creativity and wellbeing aimed at bringing communities together also through art. 

As a multicultural-oriented organization, Cultural Chameleon’s activities are cross-cultural in design – providing people from different cultural backgrounds in Finland with an opportunity and space to use their talents especially with music.

Your membership fee helps Cultural Chameleons to provide and develop activities and events in the society that increases diversity and equality in the cultural field in Finland.

By joining Cultural Chameleons, you become a member of the association, which allows you to connect with people from other cultures. As a member, you will receive individual benefits such as:

  • Discounts to events and workshops organized by Cultural Chameleons.
  • Possibility to attend biannual membership gatherings/trips.
  • Receive a membership letter ca, every 2-3 months.
  • Possibility to have an educational book ‘’ Toisella katsomalla – Maahanmuuttajista maahan muuttajiin’’ book about immigration (in Finnish).
  • Possibility to network and develop your skills in the field you want – for example, in marketing or Web page design.


  • Basic membership fee 25 euros (yearly).
  • Support membership fee 50 euros (yearly).
  • Sponsorship fee 75 euros annually (this fee is aimed to assist young street mothers and their families in Cairo, Egypt to regain their independence).

Your membership is highly appreciated and we acknowledge the contribution your membership would make in supporting the cultural work champions by the Cultural Chameleon association.   


You will become a member by paying the membership fee (25, 50 or 75 euros) to the account FI8712003000055749 (please use reference number 4747) and sending us your information by email to:

When the membership fee appears in our account, we will add you to the membership register. The membership fee is valid for a calendar year.